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Our Services

Virtual Reality

We take advantage of new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality to create entertaining and practical applications.

Design and Animation

Our team has the ability to imagine, plan, and create digital worlds that can go from the realistic to the fantastic.


We create interactive applications for a variety of platforms and purposes that range from the educational to the simply entertaining.

About Us

Who are we?

Blue Fenec is a development studio located in the border of Mexico and the United States.

We create video games for different platforms to explore the potential that today's technology offers in several different applications, both for serious games and for entertainment.

Our Mission

To develop high-quality video games in terms of visuals, audio, and gameplay.
To creatively overcome the limitations of current technology to develop the experiences that will take us into the future.

Our Culture

In Blue Fenec we believe in supporting our team members. We believe in learning, practicing, and continuously developing our skills. And, most importantly, we believe in hard work and dedication when doing what we are passionate about.


Some of our most recent projects


The guys making the magic happen